portrait of annie klark
Artistic Director • Co-founder
Vocal performance and English degree from the University of Michigan // Children’s Theatre & Choir Director // Playwright, Curriculum & Program Designer
Favorite princess is Ariel
portrait of aral basil gribble
Professional Actor // Professional Comedian // Theatre degree from the University of Michigan
Was in a film with William H Macy
portrait of cait feasel
Collaborative Instructor
Education degree from Madonna University // Proficient ASL user
Teaches ASL in Ann Arbor
portrait of claire ambrose
Collaborative Instructor
Communications degree from University of Detroit Mercy
Crafts adorable fairy dolls
portrait of danielle wright
Theatre degree from Wayne State University // Actress // Singer
Does excellent princess impressions
Headshot of instructor Emily Herman, a curly haired brunette woman smiling at camera in front of brick wall
Collaborative Instructor
BFA student at Michigan State University // Actor
Worked at Disney
portrait of emily lourim
Collaborative Instructor
Studying education at NYU // Completed a 4 month teaching internship in Ghana
Acting since elementary school
portrait of gabby gauruder
Psychology degree from Michigan State University // Masters from Michigan State University in ABA // BCBA Certified
Played on MSU's soccer team
portrait of hannah niece
Theatre degree from Wayne State University // Professional actor
Loves Christmas
portrait of jack welcher
Collaborative Instructor
Studying Theatre at Wayne State University // Professional actor
Son of Karen Dickson, Lead Instructor
portrait of jake rydell
Collaborative Instructor
Theatre, Dance, Sociology, and Political Science student at Wayne State University // Professional actor
Loves to make music
portrait of Jake Turner
Collaborative Instructor
Theatrical Set Designer // Background in coaching competitive speech & acting // Technical Theatre and TV Production
Online DJ Extraordinaire (Just for OpenSpot)
Headshot of instructor Jenna Demasellis, woman with short, curly strawberry blond hair
Collaborative Instructor
Sign Language degree from Madonna University // Private piano teacher // Musical Director and Performance Director at First General Baptist Church
Loves playing video games with her kids
portrait of karen kron dickson
Professional Actor // Children’s Theatre Director // Theatre degree from University of Detroit Mercy
Has three beautiful children
portrait of katie mann
CEO • Co-founder
Certified teacher with masters in special education // American Sign Language instructor // Choreographer & Program Designer
Plays the French horn
Screen  Shot 2021 09 29 At 11.34.15 AM
Stage Management BFA at Michigan State University // Actor
Loves to sing
portrait of katy kujala
Collaborative Instructor
Vocal Performance degree from the University of Michigan // Professional actress
Is a princess in her spare time
portrait of kayla pennoyer
Librarian and Jack of All Trades Performer // Education degree from UIUC // MLIS from WSU
Enjoys sewing
portrait of kelsey murphy
Collaborative Instructor
Theatre major at University of Michigan // Secondary degree in music education
Is the proud older sister of triplets and a younger brother
portrait of kelsey ullenbruch
Collaborative Instructor
Background in equine-assisted therapy // Achieving masters from Eastern Michigan University
Adores horses
portrait of kyle johnson
Collaborative Instructor
Received his masters in theatre from Wayne State University // Professional actor
George's Dad
portrait of lisa gapa
Certified teacher, endorsement in early education // Education degree from Madonna University // Bachelors in sign language interpreting
Loves to travel
portrait of lisa moss
Collaborative Instructor
Physical therapy background // Studying ASL // Mother of 2
Had a Link and Zelda themed wedding cake
portrait of miranda hartmann
Collaborative Instructor
Professional actress // Professional director
Mother of two
portrait of molly zaleski
Professional Choreographer // Actress & Singer // Communications degree from University of Michigan – Dearborn
Loves to go on adventures
Headshot of Ryan Duda, a handsome brunette man in a modeling pose with arms crossed
Collaborative Instructor
Graduated from MSU in 2018 with a bachelors in Theatre // Is a professional actor // Is in graduate school
Acting since he was a child
Screen  Shot 2021 10 11 At 2.03.49 PM
Collaborative Instructor
MFA in Applied Drama & Theatre for the Young student at Eastern Michigan University // BFA in Acting from Michigan State University // Graduate Assistant event planner for EMU's Undergraduate Symposium
Live in nanny for three lovely kiddos
Staff Shelby Eppich
Collaborative Instructor
Michigan State graduate with a BFA in Stage Management // Wedding Coordinator
Loves all things Disney!
portrait of taylor johnson
Theatre degree from Wayne State University // Masters in Theatre for the Young from Eastern Michigan University // Actor & Singer
George's Mom
portrait of wendy krekeler
Theatre and Interpretation Degree from Central Michigan University // Professional actress
Was named after Wendy Darling