Get a Feel For Our Classes

students in class flying around like airplanesPractices & Activities

Our practices are always a good time! We involve singing, dancing, and acting into every session held. No matter the age, ability, or verbal skills, we like to get our students moving, exploring, and learning. Teaching them critical theatre knowledge like projecting, cheating, and stage directions, we value our curriculum as a professional grade theatre workshop. But under this learning, we sneak in life skills reinforced with each new theatre game: eye contact, memory improvement, taking turns, speaking clearly, etc. Theatre is an excellent medium to learn/review social skills with dignity. Plus, it’s fun!

Showcase Performances

All performances are unique, but here are some attributes we can guarantee almost every time:

  • Theatre is for everybody! Which means our performances showcase everyone’s talents and sets up an environment for success. There is always an instructor narrating on stage, so if anyone needs a prompt: we’ve got you covered!
  • Performances have a singing, acting, and dancing component. If your child/student is preferential to one, no worries, it’ll be performed! If the actors are not mobile, again no worries. We creatively work in wheelchairs, etc. into each showcase.
  • The actors have a hand in writing their play. Whether it is choosing a song to sing, picking out characters, or forming the plot-line, the actors help shape the show.
  • The audience will love it! You’ll be amazed at the showcase presented. But not surprised; they’re all stars!

three girls dancing on stage during showcase performance